In today’s world Computer and IT Security has to be one of the most important subjects that affects everyone.

Having worked in the IT Security and Management Industry for a couple of decades, I have a unique insight into the way many bad things happen and steps that can be taken to minimize your risk. I have found that there isn’t one solution, that can protect you from every risk.

In the coming months I will be writing a series of articles going into detail of the many types of security risks and how to protect yourself. At a high level, the biggest security risk hasn’t changed much over the last 30 years. From the beginning that risk has always been the people that use the technology. Over the years, as systems and software have gotten more complicated and there has been a cat and mouse game of software vulnerabilities and patches, as well as smarter antivirus software. But even with the latest updates and best antivirus software, many users unknowingly are fooled into opening a fake email or clicking on an innocent looking pop up than can disable their device, encrypt or send their confidential information to an unknown hacker.

Years ago, most threats to your computer or device were defined by one word, a “Virus”. Today there are many types of threats that have a number of names. In my opinion, you need to have multi layer protection on your system. Many of today’s threats are designed to get around many of the most popular Antivirus packages. While nothing is a sure thing, I have found a number of anti-threat software packages that when installed together offer a very high level of protection. I will be listing those packages on this page and if available, I will include a link of you would like to purchase them.

Stay tuned… A lot more to come.

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